The alignments in your life are always more important than your assignments.

The Keith Craft Mastermind group is an ongoing gathering of like-minded business owners and corporate executives who share ideas, strategies, and challenges with each other for the purposes of inspiring opportunities and each other’s success. It may be best thought of as a board of advisers, assisting you and others in making the best decisions possible – all through a Biblical worldview.

The Mastermind program will equip you with the tools to bridge the distance between “what is” and “what’s possible” so that you can achieve everything you have ever envisioned.

In-person mastermind

Unlocking Success Together:

WHAT IS the Keith Craft Mastermind Experience?

Watch the video to Discover the power of alignment in your life with the Keith Craft Mastermind group. Our exclusive community of like-minded leaders come together to exchange ideas, strategies, and tackle challenges collaboratively, all while embracing a Biblical worldview. Think of it as your personal board of advisers, guiding you towards the best decisions and inspiring limitless opportunities, personally and professionally. Step into the Incubator of Greatness by joining our Mastermind program and gain the tools to bridge the gap between your current reality and your wildest dreams.
In-person mastermind

Keith Craft Mastermind

The Mastermind includes:

  • Hot seat or presentation process to present a challenge or opportunity to group.
  • 7 in-person meetings a year (4 hours with lunch provided) – Impartation from Keith Craft and the board of advisors model provide the power behind the mastermind networking.
  • Plus 2 events – Grow Day and Christmas Party.
  • Exclusive discounts to Keith Craft products.

$6000 Per Year

Paid Annually or Monthly​


Mastermind frequently asked questions and answers

The concept of surrounding oneself with successful, big-thinking people is as old as the history of man. The great teachers of ancient Greece, King Arthur, King David, and Jesus himself are examples of people who surrounded themselves with trusted advisors and a sounding board for the events of the day.

In a Mastermind, you are surrounded by growth-minded entrepreneurs, thinkers and successful leaders from all walks of life.

To help you brainstorm, network, challenge, motivate and be encouraged in your success journey. It is also a place for you to work with others to share your wisdom and lessons from your life.

The Keith Craft Mastermind Group is an ongoing gathering of 15-20 like-minded individuals who share ideas, strategies, and challenges with each other through a Biblical worldview for the purpose of inspiring opportunities and each other’s success. Think of it as a personal board of advisors, assisting members in making the best decisions possible.

Members meet seven times per year for half-day meetings in Frisco, TX.

Meetings are held from 9-12 or from 1-4 depending on what fits your schedule. Lunch before or after your group is provided. The meeting flow includes prayer, member updates, impartation/teaching, and a member hot-seat presentation. Members are provided with a notebook for handouts.

A hot seat presentation is where a member as poses a question to the group related to an opportunity or challenge they face. Tapping into the hundreds of cumulative years of life and business experience, gives a presenter more ideas and insights than he/she could have generated themselves. A coach collaborates with a presenter in advance of the meeting, placing focus on clarifying the question to be posed and determining the level of context to share so that the group adequately understands the opportunity or challenge.

Yes, the group and memberships are ongoing. If a member chooses to withdraw, he/she simply provides a 30-day notice by emailing:

No, the Keith Craft Mastermind is for anyone who desires to personally grow, succeed and become their best. However, if you are an entrepreneur or desire to be one, this is the right room for you.