Your net worth will be determined by your network.

The Million Dollar Mastermind is an exclusive and intimate opportunity, curated specifically for those committed to living life by design – at a level, few ever imagine, much less reach.

Members of this world-class peer group have established a multi-million-dollar net worth and annualized earnings of $1M+. They demonstrate an unwavering commitment to personal & professional achievement and a deep desire to live the kingdom legacy they want to leave.

Million Dollar Mastermind

The Million Dollar Mastermind Includes:

  • 6 x one-to-one coaching sessions annually
  • 2 trips annually – 1 day, 2 night stays in Destin, FL & Durango, CO
  • 2 Gatherings annually in Celina, TX
  • One complimentary pass to the Keith Craft Online Mastermind
  • Keith Craft Leadership Consulting Events – 2 annually
  • Vetted group of 7 figure net worth individuals

$84,000 Per Year

Paid Annually or Monthly​


Mastermind frequently asked questions and answers

The concept of surrounding oneself with successful, big-thinking people is as old as the history of man. The great teachers of ancient Greece, King Arthur, King David, and Jesus himself are examples of people who surrounded themselves with trusted advisors and a sounding board for the events of the day.

In a Mastermind, you are surrounded by growth-minded entrepreneurs, thinkers and successful leaders from all walks of life.

To help you brainstorm, network, challenge, motivate and be encouraged in your success journey. It is also a place for you to work with others to share your wisdom and lessons from your life.

Membership in the Keith Craft Million Dollar Mastermind is exclusive and limited to those having a multimillion-dollar net worth and a minimum annualized earnings of $1,000,000. It’s a high-level peer group of like-minded people who value personal and professional growth and development. Focus is placed on:

  1. Developing a philosophy of life, in every area of life and
  2. Living the legacy you want to leave.

In the Million Dollar Mastermind, members are vetted to ensure that they both have a million-dollar net worth, and generate 7 figures in income yearly. Members have the privilege of full day meetings, immersive trips as well as personal coaching from Keith Craft.

Over the course of a 12-month period, members have:

  • Two 1-day gatherings – Celina, TX.
  • Four multi-day trips – alternating between Destin, FL and Durango, CO
  • Six 1:1 Coaching Sessions, 1-hour each every other month – via Zoom
  • Two events – GROW Day and an evening Christmas dinner and party in Frisco, TX

Members are primarily business owners, entrepreneurs, and corporate executives.