What Every Child Wishes Their Parents Knew

A Book 32 Years In The Making

Dear Parent was originally written by Keith Craft 32 years ago and a major book publisher was ready to print the book at that time. With his pen in his hand at the signing table, Keith walked away because he didn’t want to print a book about parenting that was theoretical.

The book is written from a child’s perspective and details 7 needs every child has that they wish their parents knew. 3 decades after it was originally written, the book contains all Keith’s original writing as well as each of his 3 kids talking about how their dad implemented each of the 7 needs throughout their lives.

More than theory, this is a proven parenting philosophy that will help you know what your kids need from you and the practical steps to lead them well. If you want your kids to know who they are, have a strong relationship with God, and enjoy a loving connection with you into their adult years, this is the book for you.  

Dear Parent book by Keith Craft
Keith Craft Family

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Aleshia N. Davenport - Texas
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Have you ever thought, “why did my kid not come with a manual?!” Well here you go!! Outside of our relationship with Christ, nothing is more important than raising the next generation and building our legacy within our own four walls. Dear Parent is the perfect tool to not just hear from someone who has produced the fruit of three amazing children, but also from the children’s perspective as well. I particularly love how the book is narrated through the eyes of a child to help me better understand the depth of my children’s heart and mind. This has become one of the most important books I’ve read! My husband and I plan to reference it frequently for wisdom as we raise our 12 and 13 year old.
Nadia Wilier - Texas
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Hands down my favorite parenting book! If you have spent any amount of time questioning what you are doing as a parent then I am sure you have run into the traffic jam of “parenting advice” that is out there today (without actually knowing if any of it will produce the results you are looking for.) This book however, is living proof of what works - represented through the lives and perspective of their children today. It’s absolutely genius the way this book has been formatted for readers to hear from the parents what they did and why they did it. But, to also hear from all 3 of their children about how those moments affected them, then and now. This book is intentional, it’s heart gripping, and it comes with parenting wisdom from a Biblical Worldview. There really is no other parenting book like this.
Cody & Ally Cobb - Texas
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Dear parent was the perfect book for us, as we became parents with our first child. It opened our eyes to ways we can create a template for our children, using our core values, and how much it can impact their lives. We loved hearing the perspective of both Pastor Keith and his kids, and being able to see how living a life of design helped their family live a life of excellence! We will definitely be reading it again!
Nick Surface - Texas
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As the father of 3 young kids, I've always felt a huge responsibility to my kids to love them well and raise them to be all God made them to be. My wife has read a number of parenting books but I honestly was never interested in reading them until Dear Parent came along. Rather than a lot of studies and research, this was a proven philosophy that made me think and examine myself and my parenting in the best possible way. What really hit home for me was how easy it was to understand the 7 needs all kids have and then look at how/if I'm meeting them for my own kids. Having Keith and Sheila's kids write their own take on how their parents met each of the needs growing up really gave the full story and gave me plenty of practical ideas. This is an easy read that is packed full of wisdom. The world needs great families and I don't know that there are many role model families for people to learn from which is why this book is so timely. I cannot recommend it enough.