Your net worth will be determined by your network.

The Elite Mastermind is a group of vetted, proven entrepreneurs in a setting that allows for individual impartations from Keith Craft. Keith invites those in this  Mastermind into his home so they can see into his life and learn from his model of followable excellence in all areas. The relational nature of Elite Mastermind is enhanced through experiential gatherings twice a year at Keith’s homes in Florida and Colorado. These experiential trips will include group impartation, connection and fun activities to create memorable experiences while focusing on developing your thinking.

elite mastermind
elite mastermind

ELITE Mastermind

This Mastermind includes:

  • 6 in-person meetings per year.
  • 4 half-day meetings in Celina, Texas.
  • 2 multi-day trips that alternate between Colorado and Florida.
  • Exclusive discounts to Keith Craft products.

$24,000 Per Year

Paid Annually or Monthly​



Mastermind frequently asked questions and answers

The concept of surrounding oneself with successful, big-thinking people is as old as the history of man. The great teachers of ancient Greece, King Arthur, King David, and Jesus himself are examples of people who surrounded themselves with trusted advisors and a sounding board for the events of the day.

In a Mastermind, you are surrounded by growth-minded entrepreneurs, thinkers and successful leaders from all walks of life.

To help you brainstorm, network, challenge, motivate and be encouraged in your success journey. It is also a place for you to work with others to share your wisdom and lessons from your life.

This  is a vetted group of kingdom-minded entrepreneurs, business owners, and corporate executives who have achieved success but recognize there is more. They desire freedom and are working to scale their businesses and networks with the best of the best. You can expect a unique blend of world-class impartation, fun activities, and inspiring connections designed to provide you with the biblical wisdom and strategies necessary to design a life of freedom.

In the Elite Mastermind, freedom means having the freedom to do what you want, with whom you want, when you want, and where you want.

The Keith Craft Elite Mastermind combines four half day (11-4) meetings with two multi-day immersive trips. Members of the group receive more impartation from Keith Craft than a regular mastermind. They are also given the exclusive opportunity to prepare and present a comprehensive Mastermind presentation of their personal and professional lives to glean from the wisdom of the group.

Members meet six times per year – four half-day meetings in Celina, TX, and two multi-day trips that alternate between Colorado and Florida.

Meetings are held in Frisco, TX from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. We begin with lunch and then dive into impartation, including group discussions, Mastermind presentations and activities. You are provided a notebook for your worksheets and discussion notes.

If you are traveling for the Celina, TX meetings, you are responsible for airfare, ground transportation arrangements and costs, and lodging arrangements and costs.

Trips are held in Durango, CO and Destin, FL. You will experience a mix of impartation, planned fun activities, and inspiring connection. Trip details are provided in advance.

The cost of meals, lodging, ground transportation, and activities are included in your membership, unless otherwise noted in the pre-trip information.

Yes, you are responsible for flight arrangements and costs for the multi-day trips.

Yes, the group and memberships are ongoing. If a member chooses to withdraw, he/she simply provides a 30-day notice by emailing: info@keithcraft.org.