Who taught you to think how you think?

Personal Coaching with Keith Craft  is all about thinking better about what you are thinking about and thinking about some things you’re not thinking about 


The greatest benefit of personal coaching is that YOU set the agenda. Keith is here to help you grow in the way you want to grow; Spirit, Soul and Body.

Unlock the secret to exceptional growth by identifying and leveraging your unique 1% – the distinct traits that set you apart. Harness your strengths and drive continuous improvement for a life of limitless potential.

Master the art of building a resilient, multi-generational family business that weathers change and stands the test of time. Learn strategies for fostering unity, nurturing talent, and maintaining a lasting legacy.

Achieve the perfect equilibrium between professional success and personal well-being. Explore techniques to boost productivity, increase freedom, and enjoy well-deserved rest and balance as a thriving business owner.


Personal coaching frequently asked questions and answers

Helping people reach their God given potential is Keith’s mission. You’ll get to tap into almost 20 years of corporate coaching with some of the top businesses and executives. You’ll get immersive and in-depth 1:1 coaching where you will see every facet of your life elevate from your self-leadership, increased finances, healthier relationships, business and career growth, and so much more.

  • Keith will help you build trust, starting with character and competence.
  • Keith helps you create a shared vision and strategy and communicate it so powerfully that others join you on the journey.
  • Keith will guide you on how to execute your vision and strategy all the way through to completion, with and through others.
  • Keith will help develop the leadership potential in you and improve performance through consistent feedback and coaching.

You’ll meet with Keith for your 1:1 meeting once a month. The personal meetings last one hour in length.