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Success is hidden in templates. Which templates are you following?

All success is hidden in templates. There is a template for literally everything you want in life. You just have to find the template and follow it. We are all conditioned to follow templates and patterns from the time we are born. We learn by doing what we see.

Everything you have in your life is the result of a template you’ve followed whether you know it or not. For many of us, we have lived by default and followed the template provided to us by our parents, family, and those close to us. These templates we learn determine our thoughts, attitudes, and actions and ultimately determine what we have in our life.

The Think Tank Online Group Coaching is the place to learn new Biblical templates that you can implement immediately so you can win in every area of your life like never before. Each month, Think Coach Keith Craft will provide a new template for a specific area in your life that will show you how to think, the attitude you need to take, and what you need to do in order to have the results in your life. Whether it’s the marriage of your dreams, deep and meaningful friendships, abundance in finance, or living an energetic and healthy life, Keith Craft has a proven template for you that he has lived out in his own life. Come join hundreds of others and transform your life!

Online Mastermind

Think Tank Online Group Coaching

The Think Tank Online Group Coaching membership includes:
  • 1 Hour-long group coaching call per month from Keith Craft.
  • A new template each month for a specific area of your life. 
  • Private group to network with other online members.
  • Downloadable personal development handouts for accelerated growth.
  • Access to the Online Coaching archive.
  • Exclusive discounts on Keith Craft resources.


2024 Templates Will Be:

  1. Self Leadership – how to be more disciplined and gain respect
  2. Relationships – how to have the relationship of your dreams
  3. Family – how to have healthy family relationships
  4. Friends – how to have deep and meaningful friendships
  5. Identity – How to generate self-belief & confidence
  6. Mental Wealth – How to break anxiety & depression
  7. Physical – How to prepare for life’s surprises
  8. Rhythm – How to generate flow state in your life
  9. Finance – How to become a millionaire
  10. Selah – How to live an energetic life
  11. Generosity – How to live a GREAT-FULL life
  12. Business – How to monetize your gifting & develop additional streams of income


Just for signing up today, you'll receive:

- Online Group Coaching Membership
- FAMILY Teaching series
- couples intimacy assessment
- guide to connecting with your kids
- How To Craft a family mission statement
- Access to all previous online group coaching sessions
$2700 Per Year (or $250 Per Month)



Mastermind frequently asked questions and answers

It is a monthly “growth mindset” journey led by Think Coach Keith Craft. Each month, Keith delivers wisdom distilled into a 1-hour Zoom call full of inspiring, impactful, and practical lessons you can apply to your life today.

During each call, you will receive practical tools and insights from Keith Craft that you can use to help close the gap between “what is” and “what’s possible” in your life. Calls begin at 11:00 a.m. Central Time, last for an hour.

Yes, all calls are recorded and stored for on-demand access for members.

Yes, the call chat feature is open to pose questions and leave comments. Keith will do his best to answer your questions during the call.

Yes, in advance of each call, members are emailed reminders and handouts to help you prepare and make the most of the session.

Yes, the group and your membership are ongoing. If you choose to withdraw, simply provide a 30-day notice by emailing

No, it  is for anyone who values personal and professional growth and is striving to become the best version of themselves, regardless of their profession or background.