The Power of a Team

Success begins on Sunday!

Here’s a leadershipology to help you start the week right on Sunday night. Here’s some things to THINK about, a story to BE moved by, and something you can DO right now.

Things from me (and someone else) to THINK about

“If your dream can be achieved by you alone your dream is not big enough. Great dreams demand great teams.”


“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” – Michael Jordan

A story to BE moved by

In ancient Japan, there was a wise old man who lived atop a hill overlooking a small village. The villagers often sought his guidance and wisdom on a variety of topics, from personal dilemmas to community matters.


One day, a terrible storm hit the village, causing severe flooding and damage. In the aftermath, the villagers struggled to rebuild their homes and provide for their families. Recognizing their plight, the wise old man gathered the villagers and shared a simple, yet profound lesson on the power of unity.


He handed a single chopstick to each villager and asked them to try to break it. Each villager easily snapped the chopstick in half. Then, the wise old man handed each person a bundle of ten chopsticks and asked them to try to break the bundle. Despite their best efforts, none of the villagers could break the bundle of chopsticks.


The wise old man explained that the villagers were like the chopsticks. Alone, they were easily broken and vulnerable, but when they came together and supported one another, they were strong and resilient. Inspired by his words, the villagers began to work together, sharing resources and labor to rebuild their community. Through their collective effort and unity, the village recovered and thrived once again.


This story reminds us that as leaders, we must foster an environment of collaboration, support, and unity. By bringing people together and encouraging teamwork, we can overcome challenges and accomplish great things.

Something to DO right now

Reflect on your role as a leader in your professional or personal life. Are there any current challenges or obstacles that could benefit from increased collaboration and teamwork?


Identify one specific action you can take this week to encourage unity and collaboration among your team, family, or community members. With a great team, you’ll accomplish great dreams.

Thanks for reading.

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