Make sure your personal preferences are not blocking your overall progress.


Never allow the process of what you are going through to cause you to lose focus on the promise that God has for you!


Everybody has a chance and everybody has a choice, but life doesn’t get better by chance, it gets better by making the choice to change!


Never allow the negatives of what has been to keep you from the positives of what could be.


One of the ways that you can learn to turn thoughts into things is when you begin to focus on the things you need to think about more.


Every time you choose to settle for less than what is best, you are choosing to have less confidence that you can have the best.


One of the ways to build your self-confidence is choosing to do more than you are required to do in every area of your life.


Who and what you are willing to pursue, says more about the way you feel about yourself than the who or what you pursue.


When you focus on who you need to be and want to be, you will not be distracted by who you would like others to be.


You can learn to love the plateaus in your life when you understand the plateau is where you learn.