If you can learn to be grateful for correction, you can see all adversity as opportunity.


You have the power to turn limiting beliefs into LIBERATING BELIEFS by TAKING ACTION based on your belief that, ‘With God, nothing shall be impossible.’


Your beliefs don’t just shape your reality, your beliefs make your IDEALS possible.”


Where there is no change there is no progress, where there is no progress there is no change.


When you make change happen for you, change doesn’t happen TO you; change happens IN you, change happens THROUGH you, and most importantly, change happens BECAUSE of you.


If you want the best God has for you, you will have to decide that good is never good enough.


People don’t care how much you know about anything until they know how much you care about them.


Whatever you care about gives you the capacity to change it for the better. Whatever you don’t care about, will never change.

Blind Spots

We need to get helped so we can help others! Helped people help others!


People stop doing what they did to win because they settle in.