Abundance is not just about having more, but about realizing that you already have more than enough. It’s a mindset and a way of living that sees and seizes the fullness of life in every moment.


Your Core Values will determine your Core Alignments.


Favor is what God uses to multiply you a thousand times more and bring every promise He has for you to come to pass.


Your ability to get along with others will determine how far you GROW in life.


The atmosphere that you live in is a type of incubator you create around you that is a direct result of your beliefs, attitudes and behaviors.


The purpose for all communication is to connect with others. The bridge between communication and connecting is CARING.


Clarity is the ability to ON-PURPOSE. It is having a CERTAINTY of what you can control and not being distracted by what you can’t control.


To be a Champion starts with you fighting against what is normal in you for what can be GREAT about you.


One of the secrets to building self-confidence lies within your ability to decide what matters most to you.

Sacrificial Giving

If you never give until it hurts, you will never receive as if it will never stop!