Book – First Bank Of Me

Book – First Bank Of Me



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How do you teach your children about money so that they live it for a lifetime?

For some of you the nugget of wisdom that was handed to you as a child was Money doesn’t grow on trees, and this is where your education on financial literacy ended. Through the journey of raising her own children, Sheila will share the discovery of real and tangible concepts about money so you can apply these principles in your family too.

Sheila took time to learn some basic financial concepts, the dangers of debt, and the importance of saving.

  • Learn the building blocks of a banking system that teaches your children to be financially responsible.
  • Understand the four basic principles of giving, spending, saving, and investing.
  • Your children will gain confidence in working to earn their allowance and learn to create budgets with margins for their everyday lives.
  • Have more meaningful conversations about money management

This will be fun and you will look back and be glad you stayed committed to the process. Once you get started, you will see the value of the First Bank of Me.

Enjoy the journey and remember, money DOES grow on trees!

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