The Leader’s first responsibility


The Most Important Thing

Leadership consists of many areas, but the most important thing you will ever do is lead yourself. The best thing you can give those you lead is a healthy you. Leading yourself is the highest personal priority you will ever have. Life is filled with things that need to be done. From the time you get up until the time you go to bed, there are responsibilities that need to be taken care of. Nothing you will ever do will be more important than leading yourself.

The 3 great areas of your life that determine all things concerning you are:

  • Spirit – you are a temple. Who’s in charge? The development of your spirit will determine your eternal well being
  • Soul – your emotional quotient governs the success or failure of all of your relationships. The development of your soul will determine your emotional well being.
  • Body – water, proper nutrition, exercise and rest = health. The development of your body will determine your physical well being.


How To Grow Healthy

My definition for leadership is, “the capacity of an individual to personally grow and develop that empowers others to do the same.” The most important part of you is the part that will live forever…your spirit! We are a spiritual beings having a human experience, so everything starts with your spirit.

Ultimately, what manifests through our emotions and bodies is the result of what is in our spirit. You develop your spirit by drawing close to God. You draw close to God by reading the Bible, choosing a spiritual leader, giving generously, and serving others.


Where Leadership Starts

Leaders don’t just see how things are, they serve to make things better. Before they are even chosen by others, leaders have chosen to serve. Leaders don’t find a need and fill it, they see the need and serve it. They lead themselves to lead the need by doing what needs to be done. Those who follow any leader see the leader serving and become inspired to do the same.

How and who you are following will determine how and who you will lead.

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