The Weight of Leadership

Success begins on Sunday!


Here’s some things to THINK about, a story to BE inspired by and something you can DO right now so you can start the week right on a Sunday night!

Things from me (and someone else) to THINK about

“You can be a person who makes a point or you can be a person that makes a difference”

“No man is fit to command another that cannot command himself.” – William Penn

A story to BE captivated by

In ancient Rome, the legendary statesman and philosopher Seneca served as an advisor to the young and volatile Emperor Nero. Seneca, known for his wisdom and stoic principles, sought to guide Nero towards becoming a just and compassionate ruler.

There is a famous story of how Seneca, when confronted with an angry and impulsive Nero, used a creative approach to teach the emperor a valuable lesson about self-control and leadership.

One day, Nero became enraged at a minor offense committed by a servant. In his fury, Nero ordered the immediate execution of the servant. Sensing an opportunity to teach Nero a lesson, Seneca calmly suggested a more fitting punishment: the servant should carry a sharp knife, with its blade pointing towards his own heart, and serve the emperor his evening meal.

The emperor agreed to this unusual punishment, and as the servant nervously carried out his duties, Nero realized the immense power he held over the lives of others. He began to understand that wielding such power required self-discipline, restraint, and a commitment to justice. From that day forward, Nero became more mindful of his actions and decisions as a leader.

Although Nero’s reign would later devolve into tyranny, this story illustrates how wise counsel can shape a leader’s perspective, emphasizing the importance of self-control and empathy.

Something to DO right now

Reflect on your own leadership style and the decisions you make in your various roles. Are there areas where you can exercise greater self-discipline, restraint, or empathy?


Choose one aspect of your leadership that you would like to improve, and identify a specific action you can take this week to work on it. By cultivating these qualities within yourself, you will become a more effective and compassionate leader, inspiring those around you to reach their full potential.


Thanks for reading.

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