Leadershipology is a word that Keith coined years ago. The suffix -ology means “the study of,” therefore the word leadershipology means “the study of leadership.” Leadership is choosing a way of thinking, being and doing life that is not common. Applying the study of leadership through Leadershipology takes your ability to lead to a whole other level, when you mindfully apply what you learn. Keith decided to create Leadershipology to help leaders and emerging leaders challenge themselves every day through empowering thoughts.

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Winning in life begins with losing God’s way!


People stop doing what they did to win because they settle in.


In every race there are winners and losers. Winners know the time, lead themselves and seize the chance.


When you choose to be a lifelong learner, you are choosing to be a lifelong WINNER!


Winners initiate, losers procrastinate.


When you know your true why you will know your reason for living.


It is not where we are going that matters most, but WHO we are becoming in the process.

What You Know

You don’t know, what you don’t know, until what you know is not enough.

What Matters Most

You will gain peace when your foundation is secured by Core Values: a what matters most way of life, so that what matters most will never be subject to what matters least.

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