Leadershipology is a word that Keith coined years ago. The suffix -ology means “the study of,” therefore the word leadershipology means “the study of leadership.” Leadership is choosing a way of thinking, being and doing life that is not common. Applying the study of leadership through Leadershipology takes your ability to lead to a whole other level, when you mindfully apply what you learn. Keith decided to create Leadershipology to help leaders and emerging leaders challenge themselves every day through empowering thoughts.

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Life comes in Words . . . Words become Sentences . . . Sentences become Experiences . . . Experiences become Life Lessons. . . .

Just because you have gone through a plethora of life experiences does not qualify you to be “Experienced.”

If you do not learn from your Experiences . . . You will create a culture of Crisis. . . .

Crisis in any area of our lives is a second opportunity to learn a Life Lesson . . . If you do not learn from your “crisis experiences” in life . . . You will be “sentenced” to a life of Chaos.

The choice is yours . . . uniquely yours . . . Crisis or Opportunity . . . Chaos or Order.

So in the end, the Words we choose to define our lives become Life Sentences that Sentence our lives . . . from Crisis to Crisis or Opportunity to Opportunity. . . .

Where Chaos is the norm . . . or with Order we build Form.


Speak what God says over people’s lives and in doing so you empower them with an advantage because of your words.


The words we speak ultimately lead to crisis or opportunity, poverty or prosperity, chaos or order.


When God gives you a word, you can know that it will come to pass, because it’s written with the blood of Jesus.


Your life will only be as great as what WONDERS you in life.


When you lose your sense of wonder, you lose your sense of worth for yourself and others.


Wonder: the emotion that arouses awe and awfulness, curiosity and doubt, surprises and disappointments.


LeaderTip of the Day #6: The only thing more important than your ability is God’s wisdom. His wisdom will DOUBLE your ability! Get WISDOM! (Proverbs 4:7; Job 11:6)


LeaderTip of the Day #22: Wisdom is the principle thing. Ask God for wisdom and you can know in every thing you have already done the most important thing.


Wisdom is the spirit of God that enables us to differentiate not only between good and evil, but good and best; and empowers us to implement the will of God in any and every situation.

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