Leadershipology is a word that Keith coined years ago. The suffix -ology means “the study of,” therefore the word leadershipology means “the study of leadership.” Leadership is choosing a way of thinking, being and doing life that is not common. Applying the study of leadership through Leadershipology takes your ability to lead to a whole other level, when you mindfully apply what you learn. Keith decided to create Leadershipology to help leaders and emerging leaders challenge themselves every day through empowering thoughts.

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Never allow someone else’s opinion of you to override what God says about you!


Saying Yes is the doorknob that opens the door of the Possible.


The 1% difference about you is the X-Factor of success for you.


The ability to give anything of worth to others, is contingent on one’s ability to give worth to what is valuable.


Worship is not a song or a feeling you have for God. It is GIVING God the best that He has given you.


Worry is the tension between the mind and the heart.


Never allow the shadow of worry to make something bigger than it is.


LeaderTip of the Day #20: Don’t worry about any-thing. Pray about every-thing. Take action as if no-thing is impossible!


While working smart is more important than working hard, the harder you work the smarter you get.


Work is a privilege to exercise your full potential and add value to the lives of others in the process.

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