Leadership is the ability to see the future and take action to shape the atmosphere to perpetuate desired results.


Remember today: God made YOU to win and that means that the only thing impossible is for you to fail!


Everything good in your life is a “shadow” of better things to come in your future! (Hebrew 8:5; 10:1) Give thanks because the BEST is yet to come!


What you visualize you will materialize! See the future you want and plant seeds today to get there!


Love everybody, but remember: Some relationships demand that you shake the dust off and move on! Time doesn’t just tell, it reveals!


Today’s world cannot be remodeled with yesterday’s memories. There are no U-turns on the road to the future!


God doesn’t disqualify us because of our past, but He is ALWAYS qualifying us based on His picture of the future, not the failures of our past.


Your past is only important in that you are here today. The most important thing about you is the way you see the future & what you do about what you see!


Things get smaller when you get BIGGER! You are little but can overcome anything! God is GREATER in you than anything in the world! (1 John 4:4)


The grace of God is the power of God to take the next step you need to take and make the next decision you need to make!