A friend is someone who loves you, no matter WHAT. Someone who sticks with you when you’re STUCK. Someone who is close only because they WANT TO BE. Someone who gets in your way, only if you are going down. Someone who believes in you when you don’t believe in yourself. Someone who SEES the best in you when your WORST has been displayed. Someone who SPEAKS more highly of you than you could possible ever deserve. Someone who has your best interest in mind even before their own. Someone who enjoys your company even when you are SICK of yourself. Someone who ENCOURAGES you when you have nothing left to GIVE. Someone with whom you can be yourself and you’re valued every time you’re together. Someone who appreciates your God given uniqueness. Someone who makes you feel like the most special person in the world. Someone who recognizes your GREATNESS and openly benefits from it. Someone who gives honor when honor is due. Someone whose goal is to help you be better, achieve your dreams and who will push you UP. Someone who will listen for the purpose of understanding you better. Someone who will not have unrealistic expectations. Someone who is not easily offended when offense could be taken. Someone who is not overwhelmed by that which is overwhelming. Someone who willingly GIVES to you the very BEST they have GOT. THIS IS THE KIND OF FRIEND I WISH TO HAVE, SO THIS IS THE KIND OF FRIEND I MUST BE!