• Favor is what God uses to multiply you a thousand times more and bring every promise He has for you to come to pass.


  • The atmosphere that you live in is a type of incubator you create around you that is a direct result of your beliefs, attitudes and behaviors.


  • The purpose for all communication is to connect with others. The bridge between communication and connecting is CARING.


  • Clarity is the ability to ON-PURPOSE. It is having a CERTAINTY of what you can control and not being distracted by what you can’t control.


  • To be a Champion starts with you fighting against what is normal in you for what can be GREAT about you.


  • One of the secrets to building self-confidence lies within your ability to decide what matters most to you.

Spiritual Walk

  • To walk by the Spirit means you will never just be left to your desires, your flesh, your insecurities and most importantly, you will never just be left to yourself!