• Pull the weeds of your past that you didn’t want, so you can plant seeds for your future that you do want.


  • Your brain is both a record of your past and a map to your future. Only YOU can decide on what and where your brain will focus.


  • All personal greatness lies beyond the normal self. The desire to be the best you that you can be—along with daily disciplines and long-term commitment—will awaken potential greatness and produce GREATNESS results. (YDF, p.19)


  • To be able to Do your Best, you have to choose to Be your Best. To choose to Be your Best, you have to THINK, ‘I want the BEST!’


  • When you honor the right things in your life, you will stress the wrong things out of your life.


  • If you do not lead yourself well, it doesn’t matter whether you are married to a good person or bad person, your marriage will fail.


  • One of the greatest advantages of experiencing deep pain early in life, is it gives you clarity about what you don’t want, and gives you the opportunity to decide what you do want.


  • Being planted in the house of the Lord will cause you to grow in grace (the power of God to do things God’s way), produce fruit, prosper in old age, and become a living memorial that the promises of God come to pass for you and those who are a part of your legacy.