Fingerprint Curriculum


Fingerprint Curriculum

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The key to all of your future success and achievement is at the tip of your fingers, in your unique fingerprint – Your Divine Fingerprint.

Modern science has predominately used a fingerprint to establish a person’s presence at a crime scene. But your unique fingerprint was given to you by God for so much more than that. You have a fingerprint that no one else has, to leave an imprint in this world that no one else can leave!

Within the pages of this motivational and inspirational study, you will learn the glory of God is revealed through your unique fingerprint. You will find the tools to discover, develop, and deploy your God-given fingerprint to become an unstoppable force for Him!

Curriculum Includes:

8 Video Sessions on 3 DVDs

8 Audio Sessions on 5 CDs

Your Divine Fingerprint Hardcover Book

Study Guide