All personal greatness lies beyond the normal self. The desire to be the best you that you can be—along with daily disciplines and long-term commitment—will awaken potential greatness and produce GREATNESS results. (YDF, p.19)

Follow-able Excellence

When you serve others, you create excellence that can be followed. (Your Divine Fingerprint, p.112)


Servant-leadership is your gateway to greatness.


The words we speak ultimately lead to crisis or opportunity, poverty or prosperity, chaos or order.


Leaders Think Antithetical! Normal-ship says, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” Leadership says, “Break it! There is always a better way to do it!


Focus more on what you are Being with your heart than what others are doing with their hands.

Miracle Moments

You have the power to turn moments into miracles. Rather than having defining moments, we have miracle moments that define a super-natural life, and we can overcome all natural limitations and deficiencies.


When we take natural moments, negative or positive, and use them to create positive momentum, the moment becomes a super-natural moment – a miracle! When we choose to see the positive in the negative, we are creating momentum in the moment.


Moments are defined every time we make a decision, and our decision to define the moment is what gives power to the moment. Your Divine Fingerprint, p2


You have a unique fingerprint that no one else has, to leave a unique imprint that no one else can leave.