Take Action

A failure to believe always results in a failure to take action. A failure to take action results in a failure to achieve.

Defining Moments

Not all moments are wonderful things, but every moment can be a supernatural event.

Defining Moments

We cannot determine everything that happens to us, but we can define how what happens affects us.


Success is an ongoing process of Discovering your 1%, Developing your gifts and Deploying your best for the best interest of others.

Glorify God

The best way to glorify God is not just to bow down and worship Him, but to Discover, Develop and Deploy your God given talents and to use them to glorify God.

All In

Leaders who are truly “All In” are consistent in who they are…no matter what!


Some people will never experience living a transformed life because they never mature the information they have.


See more with Understanding, so you can Be less offend-able.


Your biggest hits and misses in life will be based on WHO you ALIGN your life with.


Positive change will never happen if negative thinking is tolerated.